Joomla Training

Joomla is an on line content management system that keeps track of all content on your website including text, images, links, and documents. This manual includes several tutorials to teach the client some basic content management skills on Joomla, including updating text, uploading images, building menus, and creating links. To learn more about Joomla's advanced functionality, please visit the documentation section of

Table of Contents:

Basic Overview

      I. Logging Into Joomla

      II. Managing Articles in a Article Manager
                   1. Overview
                   2. Creating an Article
                   3. Editing and Existing Article
                   4. Hyperlinks in an Article
                   5. Uploading and Displaying Images
     III. Menu Manager
                  1. Overview
                  2. Creating a Menu Item
                       I.  If you want to link the menu item to the article
                       II. If you want to link the menu item to the external link
                       III. If you want to link the menu item to the Wrapper
      IV. Module Manager
                 1. Overview
                 2. Creating a Custom Module Item
      V. Events Calendar
      VI. Documents Menu Item used in probate Judges website: (DOCman )
      VII. Video Tutorials

Training Materials:

1. Basic Joomla Training

2. Training Manual for Council of Probate Court Judges

3.Training Manual for Council of Magistrate Clerks

4.Training Manual for Council of Municipal Court Clerks

5. Development Websites for Training

Note: Refer to the Basic Joomla Training document for understanding the Training Materials to your particular websites.

Video tutorials:

 Reference Materials:

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