Judicial Council Committee Awards Grants for Civil Legal Services

July 6, 2017


The Judicial Council of Georgia Standing Committee on Grants, successor to the Judicial Council Domestic Violence Committee, has awarded grants totaling $2,425,000 to seven nonprofit agencies after a competitive application process.  The funds are used to provide direct civil legal assistance to low-income Georgia victims of domestic violence and their children.

The Georgia General Assembly first appropriated funds to the Judicial Council of Georgia, for its Legal Assistance to Families Victimized by Domestic Violence Project (Civil Legal Assistance Project), in 1999, and funding has continued each subsequent legislative session.

 For Fiscal Year 2018, the following nonprofit agencies received grants:  

Atlanta Legal Aid Society                                                                $700,974

Cherokee Family Violence Center, Inc.                                                $9,000           

Gateway House                                                                                  $10,386

Georgia Legal Services Program                                                   $1,607,352

Northeast Georgia Shelter Collaborative (NOA)                               $47,480

Northwest Georgia Family Crisis Center, Inc.                                   $36,995

Wayne County Protective Agency/Fair Haven                                   $12,813

TOTAL FUNDS AWARDED                                                        $2,425,000


For more information about the Judicial Council of Georgia and the Civil Legal Assistance Project grant, visit www.georgiacourts.gov.