New Case Management System Kicks Off in Floyd County

January 17, 2017

Atlanta, GA — The Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts is set to kick off the Case Management Re-engineering (eCourt) project in conjunction with Floyd County on January 18, 2017. The eCourt case management system, funded through a State of Georgia bond and created by Journal Technologies, is an upgrade of SUSTAIN, a product in place since 1993 that serves 750 users across Georgia.                                                         

The eCourt product modernizes the data and document collection and management along with improved web-based access for users on all types of devices with remote access which allows anytime, anywhere access.  Standardized work processes were designed into the case management system, while supporting local work flow and business processes for courts. JC/AOC staff manage manages the transitions of existing data and systems to support the functionality. In state and local collaboration, courts contribute for individual user and public access licenses.

The eCourt implementation complies with Judicial Council technology standards, allowing for automated data sharing, public access and e-filing, should the local courts choose to pursue advanced services. The broad spectrum of choices compliments local technology choices, with the opportunity to customize and select appropriate solution to fit local needs.