New Uniform Superior Court Rules Affecting Child Support

Atlanta, GA — Effective June 4, 2015, the Georgia Council of Superior Court Judges adopted two new Uniform Superior Court Rules which affect child support deductions.

Uniform Superior Court Rule 24.11 requires the entry of a separate income deduction order in all cases in which the payment of child support is ordered, unless (i) the support is being enforced by DHS; (ii) the court finds there is good cause not to require immediate withholding, which includes a finding that withholding is not in the best interest of the child, or in modification actions there is proof of timely payment of previously ordered support; or (iii) the parties have entered into a written agreement that provides for an alternative arrangement.

Rule 24.11 also requires the Court to designate which party is responsible for initiating wage withholding by completing and transmitting all the required documents.

Uniform Superior Court Rule 24.12 provides a standardized form of income deduction order.

This Rule was necessitated by several issues such as inclusion of personal information, i.e. social security numbers, on income deduction orders; inclusion of a specific employer’s name which did not obligate a successive employer to honor the order; and failure to include the Family Support Registry Fee, which leads to accrual of an arrearage of such fees.

A fillable .pdf template for the approved income deduction order can be found at the Georgia Child Support Commission website here.

If you have questions about Income Withholding for Child Support, please contact the Georgia Child Support Commission at 404-463-6383.