Recorders Court of DeKalb County Unveils Renovated Facility

December 2, 2013


Atlanta — On November 21, 2013, Chief Judge Nelly F. Withers unveiled the Recorders Court of DeKalb County’s renovated facility at 3630 Camp Circle, Decatur, GA.   The $4 million renovation added two courtrooms, moved the Clerk’s Office to another building, and created more lobby space in both areas.  The renovation is a tangible example of the improvements transforming the DeKalb County Recorders Court into a more efficient and service-oriented court.


Chief Judge Withers noted in her comments that since 2010, the Court has instituted training for staff, clerks, and judges.  Additionally, the court adopted the Municipal Court Clerk’s Code of Ethics and Municipal Court Rules. She touted the Court’s case closure rate of over 100% and a lack of backlogs as evidence that DeKalb County’s Recorders Court is a well-run court whose future is bright.  For the future, Judge Withers envisions a paper-on-demand office that is web-accessible for defendants, attorneys, and the general public.


DeKalb County CEO Lee May and County Commissioners Sharon Barnes Sutton, Jeff Rader, Elaine Boyer, Larry Johnson, Kathie Gannon, Stan Watson joined Judge Withers and Robert D. James, District Attorney, and Claudia Saari, Circuit Public Defender, for the ceremony.