Probate Judges Launch READY Campaign

Athens, GA — The Council of Probate Court Judges (CPCJ) has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the role Probate Courts that is designed to change the mindset of the judges while protecting and preserving the role that the probate courts play in the lives of everyday Georgians. Judge Chase Daughtrey, Probate Court of Cook County, unveiled the READY campaign after being sworn-in as President of the Council of Probate Court Judges.


The components of the READY campaign are:


Respect – We must demand respect from the Legal Professionals that practice in our court and from the Legal Professionals outside of the courtroom. That same respect must be extended to each and every person that walks into our court or office. Extending respect and courtesy to the individuals who come to the probate court is crucial in securing and maintaining the confidence the public has in the judiciary. 
Education – The Certificate Program by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government is a great tool to combat the efforts by those who fear non-attorney judges have no place in the courtroom. We, as a Council, must continue to support our Training Council’s effort to expand education to our judges through the certificate program and district training.
Assemble – On a moments notice, an amendment can be added to a piece of legislation in committee that could adversely affect the probate courts and the public. When that happens, we must prepare to stop what we are doing to assemble as a Council to support our legislative agenda and our legislative committee to ensure the integrity of the Probate Courts. 



Determined – As individual judges we need to be determined in our mindsets and in our court operations to provide effectiveness and efficiency every day. Determination takes effort and it takes patience, and every probate judge in this state has proven they have both.


Yield Results – One advantage we have over other classes of courts is our ability to yield results. We do this through efficient practices in our courts and our ability to successfully navigate and pass legislation that benefits the public and strengthens our council. The Probate Court is the court that is most connected with the people and because of that we have an obligation to them to cultivate results and strive for perfection. 
Issuing a challenge to the judges assembled, Judge Daughtrey said, “We all serve at the hand of justice and by the will of the people, justice shall always prevail and the needs of the people shall always be met.”