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The mission of the Office of Research, Planning, and Data Analysis is to provide timely and accurate court-related research and data to the Judicial Council of Georgia, the executive and legislative branches, internal customers, national stakeholders, other state and local government policymakers, and the public.

Individual Case information is only available from the Court in which the case was filed. To find contact information for a trial court, Please click Here.

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 Technical Schemas- caseload.gz

   1. Exchange.

    This sub folder contains the schemas against which the exchange xmls will be validated.
   2. Extension.
    This sub folder contains the schema that includes schema components representing ALL elements we are interested in.
   3. Georgiacourts.
    This sub folder contains the code lists of all courts in Georgia (to the extend that this is possible) and the code list of the all counties. Please note that the tool for creating code lists in the NIEM web site is based on NIEM 2 and not NIEM 3
   4. Subset.
    This sub folder contains all the NIEM 3 conformant schemas that are used in the extension schema.