Georgia Courts

Questions regarding RFI

All questions will be reviewed by the committee and responses will be posted as soon as possible.

  • Does the State prefer a vendor-hosted EFM or a state-hosted EFM?
  • Does the State plan to allow competing EFSPs to connect to the EFM?
  • Does the State wish to have the document management tightly integrated to the EFM?
  • Does the State have a standard document management platform, or are they looking for a recommendation?
  • Item "j" discusses allowing public access to redacted versions of documents.  Are the documents already redacted, or should this be performed in an ad-hoc fashion prior to delivery to the purchaser?
  • Item "r" discusses invoicing.  Should the solution include an credit approval workflow for identifying clients to be invoiced?
  • We understand that courts are not required to participate.  For courts that sign up, will they make certain case types mandatory for e-filing?
  • Does the AOC contemplate that each of the Georgia Court’s case management system providers will implement their own Court Record Major Design Element (MDE)?
  • Can examples be provided of how to color code items in the case history?
  • Can an example statewide uniform summons form be provided?