Georgia Courts

Infrastructure / BC/DR

Citrix Client Update
Users of the AOC’s CITRIX servers use one or more of 18 servers located at different sites. Depending on the needs of the user, they are routed to a Virtual Desktop, presented with a case management system or given the ability to scan and view images for fiscal, payroll, personnel or council records.

Data Center – The Atlanta Center houses 85 servers (20 virtual) and storage devices. It is currently operating at about 76% of capacity. In addition to the AOC, four other state agencies utilize this data center for their needs.

BC/DR Site – this site provides 24/7 access to more than 200 courts across the State for their case management systems. It also serves as a backup location for the primary data center located downtown. Likewise, the downtown center acts as a backup of the BC/DR site for court data.