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Padres Del Divorcio

Padres del Divorcio is a Spanish language video created to address current language barriers that exists among divorcing parents in many Hispanic and Latino communities in Georgia superior courts. The video complies with Superior Court Uniform Rule 24.8, which mandates that all divorcing parents complete an educational seminar prior to the granting of a divorce. This production incorporates various cultural aspects specific to its targeted audience and is 1 hour and 45 minutes in running time.

The Commission was awarded grant funds from the Georgia Bar Foundation to complete Padres del Divorcio and was produced by ROG Communications, LLC. Since the production of the video, it has been distributed to all 159 superior courts throughout the state, as well as other minority bar and service organizations. Now Georgia courts have a resource that uniformly increases awareness and responsibilities to divorcing parents.

Each part is approximately 1 hour in length.  It is recommended you have a high-speed internet connection (as opposed to dial-up), when viewing the videos.