Income withholding is a process by which an employed parent, ordered by a court to pay child support, has the payments withheld directly from his or her salary. Federal statutory requirements concerning income withholding for states have recently changed. Information provided on this website will assist you with these changes so you may correctly implement income withholding under Georgia and federal law.

Effective May 31, 2012, if an employer receives a document to withhold child support from a noncustodial parent’s (NCP) income that is not issued on the OMB-approved Income Withholding Order for Support (IWO) form as required by federal law, the employer must reject the document for withholding and return it to the sender. The result will be that no child support is collected. The solution is to obtain and use the correct IWO form and other required documents.

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Terms and Definitions Used in the IWO and Related Forms 


What is the Income Withholding Order (IWO)? 

          Important! DO NOT file the IWO with the Superior Court Clerk’s office!
          The IWO cannot be signed by a judge and filed in the superior court clerk’s
          office because it contains a field for the obligor’s Social Security number
          (SSN). Filing a document with a SSN violates Georgia law.


Who must use the mandatory IWO? 


Why is the IWO form a mandatory form? 


When must I use this mandatory IWO form? 


What is the procedure? 

         Important! Mail documents for the Family Support Registry (FSR) to
         this address:

                                   P O Box 1800
                                   Carrollton, GA 30112-1800

        The posting of child support payments from an employer can only be
        accomplished if the FSR has the correct information. To ensure accuracy of
        information on the duration of support (emancipation) regarding the children,
        also provide the FSR a copy of the child support order in addition to the
        Income Deduction Order and Registration form.


Why must child support payments be made to the Family Support Registry (FSR)? 


Why is it that the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) cannot enforce a Non-IVD private order once registered by the Family Support Registry (FSR)? 


What can go wrong if the FSR does not receive the child support information on the new or modified order? 


What will happen next and how will the custodial parent receive the child support payments? 


What are the FSR payment addresses? 


I’ve paid all my child support, but my employer won’t stop the deductions. What do I do now? 


  Step 1: Family Support

       (See second "Important" note
       under Q&A section of this
       Prepare and send these
       documents to the Family
       Support Registry (FSR) before
       documents are sent to the

      - FSR Registration Form v1.2
         (non-fillable PDF)

      - FSR Registration Form v1.2
         (fillable version)

      - Income Deduction Order

  Step 2: Employer
      Prepare and send these
      documents to the

Warning: Do Not have a judge sign the IWO or file it with the Clerk of Superior Court.

      - Income Deduction Order

      - Notice to Payor

Attention: Download 2014 version of IWO form.

      - IWO form (fillable version-
         helpful hints)

      - IWO form (PDF version)

  Step 3: Noncustodial Parent
      Prepare and send these
      documents to the Noncustodial

      - Income Deduction Order

      - Statement of Rights,
         Remedies, and Duties

Consent Order

  Action Transmittal 11-05


  IWO Bench Card