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If you run the 1997 to 2003 versions of Excel on your computer,
please read this important announcement:

Georgia’s electronic calculators are created in Excel™ (“Excel”), a Microsoft Corporation product. The Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will discontinue support of the 2003 version of Excel effective April 8, 2014. Visit for more information.

It has always been the goal of the Georgia Commission on Child Support (the “Commission”) to ensure accurate child support worksheet calculations regardless of the Excel version used by the public. Unfortunately, once the Microsoft Corporation discontinues support of the 2003 version of Excel on April 8, 2014, the Commission will no longer be able to provide compatibility of the 2003 version of Excel with the 2007 through 2013 and future versions of Excel.

If you are using the 2003 version of Excel (or any earlier version) and attempt to download and run the calculator in one of those early versions, there is no guarantee that the calculator will run properly. There will be no support or assistance to help you resolve issues you encounter. This may mean that you will need to purchase new Microsoft Excel software. We regret any inconvenience and any cost you may incur to upgrade your version of Excel. The Commission cannot assist anyone with the cost of new Excel software.