Grady County Probate CourtGrady County Courthouse


Many of the usual and ordinary proceedings filed in probate court require the use of standard forms approved in accordance with the Uniform Probate Court Rules established by law.

The Probate Court gladly provides to citizens of this County and to others desiring to file proceedings in this Court copies of the Georgia Probate Court Standard Forms as required by law. These forms are printed or reproduced at taxpayers’ expense; therefore, unless a true need is demonstrated, only one set of a requested form will be provided. Georgia Probate Court Standard Forms may be reproduced on copy machines, and exact reproductions are acceptable for filing in any probate court. The forms may also be re-created in computer word processors, but re-printed or re-created forms must contain a certificate that the content is identical in all material aspects to the standard form except for additions and deletions as noted.

The standard forms are primarily for use in the initial filing of new proceedings. There is not a standard form for every possible proceeding or pleading which may be filed in probate courts. In particular, there are no standard forms for the filing of most objections, caveats, answers or responses or for the many motions and discovery pleadings which may be filed.