Judicial Council adopts Electronic Court Filing standard

Atlanta, GA — The Judicial Council of Georgia has adopted ECF standard for all E-filing cases in Georgia. Adoption of the standard by the Judicial Council comes on the heels of the Administrative Office of the Court’s receiving Oasis LegalXML Electronic Court Filing (ECF) Version 4.01 certification from the IJIS Institute, the first entity in the justice field to be awarded this certification.

The OASIS Electronic Court Filing Technology Committee developed the specification for the use of XML to create legal documents and to transmit legal documents from an attorney, party or self-represented litigant to a court, from a court to an attorney, party or self-represented litigant or to another court, and from an attorney or other user to another attorney or other user of legal documents. 


Mr. Jorge Basto, AOC IT Director said, “The Judicial Council’s intent is to provide a standard process for electronic court filing in Georgia.”  Currently, child support case filings through the GAJE system are filed in compliance with this standard. This specification is a set of  non-proprietary XML exchnages for electronically filed cases and proposes to allow courts to easily and inexpensively stand up efiling solutions.