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Legal Help
Legal Help


There are many ways to find legal help, but it's not always easy. Sometimes you have to talk to several people before you get help. If you talk to someone but they can't help you, ask them who can.

Law Libraries

Law libraries usually have self-help legal books. These books are written for people who are not lawyers. They explain the law in plain English and sometimes give you tips on how to handle your case. If you can't find self-help legal books in your law library, try your favorite bookstore or public library.

In addition to self-help books, you can read the laws and cases interpreting the laws. You can also find guides written for lawyers that provide more detailed information than self-help books. You can also ask the librarian for materials on "reserve" or at the "reference desk".

Sometimes law libraries have "research guides" that list books with information on your topic. Ask your law librarian for a research guide. Some law libraries also post their research guides online. Click below to find a law library near you:

Court Clerks

The court clerk is the official record keeper of the courthouse.

The clerk can:

  • File your papers with the court
  • Collect filing fees
  • Help you find court forms
  • Help you find the local court rules
  • Tell you about places where you can go to talk to a lawyer
  • Tell you about court schedules
  • Tell you how to find the courtrooms and the hours of the court
  • Explain how your courthouse is set up

Note: Court clerks can't give legal advice.